St.Jude's Happenings 2019 -20

Inter House Volleyball Tournament

Inter House Volleyball Tournament was held on 28th, 29th and 30th of June at both campuses for both boys and girls. Enthusiastic volleyballers, cheered on by their house mates and teachers played wonderful games. At the end of three days of stiff battle, Fraternity House emerged winners in the Senior boys division while Equality house settled for the second spot. In the Junior boys division, Equality house emerged winners while Fraternity finished second.

In the girls division, Eternity house were crowned champions while Equality finished runners.

The winners were congratulated by the Principal and were presented with medals and certificates.


Inter-class Recitation & Declamation Competition

The Inter-class Recitation for Classes IX and X and Declamation for Classes XI & XII were held on 6th of this month at the Westbrooke Auditorium. Mr. Cheng from Kotagiri Public School, Ms. Betty and Ms. Preethi from Riverside Public School and Mrs. Elsie from Bangalore were the judges. The fiery speeches and rhythmic poetry enthralled the audience.


Inter-class Recitation Competition for IV - VII

The Inter-class Recitation Competition for IV - VII was held on the 3rd of this month. The preliminary rounds for all children were conducted in their respective classes on the 1st and 2nd. 3 Finalists from each section were chosen and went up on stage. Ms. Cole, Mrs. Elsie and Mr. Sam were the Judges. The Juniors took us to the world of Wordsworths and Keats. It served to be a real feast to the ears of all present. The Inter House Declamation for Class VIII was conducted. The Inter House Declamation for Class VIII was conducted. The same judges were present the adjudge the winners on the same day.


Leo's get together and Orientation Programme

Leo Multiple District 324 organized a Leo's get together and Orientation Programme on 22nd June at St. Jude's Public School & Junior College. The programme was presided over by Lion R. Ramasubramaniyam, Past Cabinet Secretary 324 B1 and Lion Venkatesan, Cabinet Secretary 324 B2. The programme was well-attended by the Leos of St. Jude's, Riverside Public School and Leos from Coimbatore and Salem.

Both Lion Ramasubramaniyam and Lion Venkatesan set the hearts of the young Leos on fire through their fiery, motivational speeches on 'The Role of the Youth in today's world.' The Leos were greatly impressed and vowed to contribute their share to the upliftment of the society.

Project report on the work of the Leos of St. Jude's towards the Irula village in Kunjapanai was presented by its President Leo Ananya Ramesh. Leo Judi presented a report on the renovation work that has been taken up at CSI Irula Tribal Children's Home in a video format.

The Chairman of St. Jude's, Lion P.P. Dhanarajan appreciated the Leos on the excellent work taken up by them. Leos of St. Jude's organized group games that were greatly enjoyed by all present. The programme came to a close with the National Anthem.


Inter Class Maths Quiz

The Inter Class Maths Quiz was conducted on 22nd of this month at both the campuses. It was a well-organized programme with all staff and children showing equal enthusiasm. The preliminary rounds were conducted on tabs in the auditorium. The 5 finalists from each section went upon stage for the finals to compete with other sections. The quiz had interesting rounds such as 'Math Muncher', 'Math Missile', 'Whirl Wind', etc. The Motivator's round was something new where the Principal, Vice Principal, Head Master and 2 computer faculty were in charge of a section each. They supported their section and asked questions to increase their section points. The quiz was very interesting and kept everyone alert. It was well-conducted by the Department of Maths at both the campuses. The winners were presented with certificates.



Good Samaritans at work

The Leo Club of St. Jude's has kicked off its social service programme for the Leonistic year 2019 - 20 by adopting the CSI Irula home at Kunjapanai. In its quest, to bring cheer and joy into the lives of the 13th inmates, the Leos organised a huge fund-raising campaign at St. Jude's and was overwhelmed by the active and eager participation of both the students and staff alike. A heartrending speech delivered by the Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan and Leo Judi along with the moving video shot at the home paved way for the formidable response. The children had collected over 4 lakhs in cash, and other essential commodities like clothes, grocery, bed sheets, paints, etc. The kind and charitable act of all was well appreciated by everyone. The Leo Club greatly indebted to the parents who supported the Leos through their children. The Leos have taught us the lesson of joining hands together for the growth and upliftment of the needy and to serve the community with passion.


36th Annual Sports Meet

36th Annual Sports Meet was held on the 14th of June at the Westbrooke campus. The members of the Management, along with staff and students attended the gala event. Mr. Samjith Dhanarajan, the Executive Director along with Principal and Vice Principal took the salute and declared the meet open. The Majestic March Past of the students led by the students on horseback, cars and bikes drew everybody's attention. This year's main attraction was the Equestrian show put up by our children. The impressive P.T. displays of the students were well accepted and applauded by those present. The athletic events were well-completed and at the end of the two-day competitions, Equality house emerged champions, followed by Eternity and Fraternity. The victors were honoured by the Principal. Curtains came down on yet another mega event with the National Anthem.


Welcome to XIth Graders

XIth graders reported school on the 28th of this month and were given a warm welcome. The Orientation Programme for XIth graders along with their parents was held in the auditorium which Started at 11:00 o’clock after high tea. The members of the Management along with the higher secondary teachers were present to attend the same. The Principal welcomed the gathering and introduced the staff after which the students introduced themselves. The Chairman, Mr. P. P. Dhanarajan addressed the gathering. The programme came to close with the National Anthem and all dispersed for lunch. The classes for the XIth graders started in the afternoon.


Spell Bee

The first extra-curricular activity for the current year was held in an innovative way on the 18th of May. The prelims were conducted on tabs and 4 finalists from each class and section were chosen.

On 18th Saturday, the finals were conducted in the school auditoriums both at Westbrooke and Montfort campuses. It was an exciting competition as many interesting rounds such as, Dumb charades, Spin a wheel, Noun O’ mania, Compound mittens, Visual connections and Lexicography.

The winners were presented with certificates by the Principal.


Investiture Ceremony – 2019

The new leaders for both the campuses were chosen and were sworn in on the 11th of May in the Westbrooke campus and on the 15th at the Montfort campus.

The Principal Mrs. Saro Dhanarajan presided over both the functions and inducted the new Prefects.

Farewell 2018 Videos

Farewells are not forever, nor are they the end. They are simply words to say that we will miss you dearly and that we will remember you fondly. On this note, we bid our Class XII students a meaningful farewell on the 2nd February, 2019. The Chairman, Principal and Executive Director led the candle March of the out-going students and the light was passed on to the hosts, the 11th graders. The hosts entertained the 12th graders with mind-blowing performances. Teachers spoke on the occasion directing their lives to a purpose living followed by the emotional speeches by a few 12th graders. The Principal and the Chairman delivered befitting farewell messages. The grand dinner was a befitting finale to the event.

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No. Appeared96
No. of Distinctions93
No. of First Class3
No. of Students who secured 90% and above25
No. of Students who secured 80% to 90%59
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No. Appeared132
No. of Distinctions121
No. of First Class11
No. of Students who secured 90% and above33
No. of Students who secured 80% to 90%65
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Alumni Meet 2018

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